As more and more CPAs expand their business model to include added value services for their clients, 

Goldwater Financial offers today's CPAs  access to industry-leading professionals for a full array of client services that you, in turn, can offer your clients. Find out how you can become your clients' most trusted financial adviser..

the cpa firm of the future

If CPAs want to survive, thrive and remain relevant today, they must address the increasingly complex needs faced by their best clients. Tax and audit work is increasingly becoming a commodity offering, with price being the distinguishing factor - and in a commodity situation, the lowest price usually wins. So the CPA firm of the future needs to distinguish itself by offering greater value; Goldwater Financial Group can help you create that value by providing you with a full array of essential best client services that you, in turn, can offer to your clients. Contact us to find out how we can help you become your client's most trusted financial adviser.

imagine for a moment....

Imagine for a moment being the center of a planning team that offers a full array of essential best client services without having to look for and find referral sources. Imagine for a moment that this planning team includes some of the best planners in the country and that you have these planners available to consult with you whenever necessary. Now imagine that you can offer these same options to your best clients. At Goldwater Financial Group, we believe that this is the face of the CPA firm of the future and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you become such a firm: a trusted adviser who can deal with every facet of best client service.