* Policy reviews conducted by ITM 21st and RIC


Review trust documents; ensure trust is administered according to its terms; prepare & deliver Crummey notices



Report in real time to simplify internal & regulatory audits

Protect the Weakest Link in Trust Assets

A trustee has a fiduciary responsibility to manage trust assets according to UPIA (Uniform Prudent Investor Act) Standards. The trustee's goal is to protect, maintain and grow trust assets for beneficiaries.The most frequently overlooked asset in those trust assets is life insurance.

With the cost of insurance rising, it is critical for trustees to review life insurance assets to ensure that those assets continue to meet the needs of their beneficiaries.

Our comprehensive Life Insurance Evaluation for Trustees includes:

  • Trust Administration 
    • Review trust documents.
    • Ensure trust is administered according to its terms.
    • Prepare and deliver gift and Crummey notices.
  • Policy Management
    • Ensure premiums are paid and policy is in good standing.
    • Provide solutions for troubled policies and document appropriately to mitigate liability.
    • Review policy annually for performance issues.
  • Pre-Acceptance Reviews
    • Analyze policies and trusts for risks prior to onboarding.
  • Reporting
    • Real-time reporting simplifies internal and regulatory audits.
  • Communications
    • ​All grantor and beneficiary communications customized with client branding.

Analyze policies & trusts for risks prior to onboarding

Ensure premiums are paid & policy is in good standing; provide solutions for troubled policies, document to mitigate liability; review policy annually for performance issues

life insurance review for trustees

Customize grantor and beneficiary communications with client brand/logo