...you could design a plan that would address

all future health contingencies - including living

a long life or dying young - without wiping out 

your family wealth?

I'm in

good health. I feel fine. Nothing will happen to


...you could continue to self-

insure but SHIFT YOUR

RISK to an insurance company?

Today, many people refuse to think about long-term care. By doing this they are effectively self-insuring their risk. But who should really pay for your LTC? You or the insurance company? 

Introducing the Life/Long Term Care Solution

...you could get back 100% of your

initial contribution after the 5th year

without any surrender fees?

transferring the risk of long-term care

Why should

I tie up​ my money with fees and charges when my money is liquid today?

​The flexibility of self-insurance while transferring the risk to an insurance company in the chance there is a long-term care event.  Here's how it works.

For people who believe in self-insuring, the value of the original premium is not in the annual rate of return, but in the assurance that all medical longer term care needs will be paid in full.

It's a waste of money. I'll

never need this.

Reasons People Self-Insure

...premiums paid on care that is not needed            could be refunded in the form of a tax free

death benefit to your beneficiaries?

I could be investing

the premium I would be paying to create an income instead

*If you die your premiums are returned tax free

What if...