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Tax Savings Through Tax Deductions 

We focus on how best to achieve the highest tax deductions for our business and professional clients using the most sophisticated pension plans and create appropriate tax deductions commensurate with salaries and business income.


Retirement Income Planning

At Goldwater Financial Group we dedicate an entire team to help in the transition from growing money to spending money in retirement. The team focuses on income planning, working out the safest solutions using sophisticated annuity planning. Why annuities? Because annuities make portfolio income last longer and are the most resistant to market fluctuations. 


Long Term Care

Department of Health & Human Services statistics show that out of every 100 individuals living beyond age 65, 20% will need care for a period of 2-5 years, and another 20% will need care for more than 5 years. Because of the emotional, physical and financial devastation resulting from a long term care event, Long Term Care insurance is a major planning platform at Goldwater Financial Group.

​Life Insurance Trust Evaluation

Our comprehensive life insurance evaluation is designed to help trustees protect, maintain and grow trust assets for beneficiaries. With the cost of insurance rising, it is critical for trustees to review life insurance assets to ensure that those assets continue to meet the needs of their beneficiaries.

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"Goldwater Financial Group have been an invaluable resource for us. Through their efforts we found a new 401(k) administrator that has provided greater resources for our employees at a lower cost. Goldwater Financial constantly looks to keep us updated on new financial products that may be of benefit for us and are always knowledgeable on a variety of topics. We are a small business with concentrated ownership and Goldwater Financial always look for ways to enhance and protect the value of those ownership interests. I cannot recommend Goldwater Financial highly enough."

Matthew Kelly - Controller, Viewpoint  Creative

"I've collaborated with Goldwater Financial for over 4 years and I highly respect their expertise utilizing insurance related solutions when it is called upon. I find Goldwater Financial to be unique as insurance professionals who think outside the box with their solutions."

Richard LaCross - Director, KLR

"Goldwater Financial know their stuff and have a knack for marketing high end financial strategies and solutions. I greatly enjoyed working with them over the past seven years. I would not hesitate to recommend or refer any clients or associates."

Samantha Young - Director, Pagnato Karp, High Tower

"Goldwater Financial are true professionals in that they listen to you and carefully evaluate your needs and create plans that are appropriate to help you attain your personal or long term business goals.....They truly look for what is best for you and your situation and build a list of options to discuss that are right for you that can grow your retirement and help insulate part of it from the wild rides of the financial markets."

Carlo DiPersio - President, Viewpoint Creative


what we do

​​Goldwater Financial Group is a business advisory firm specializing in protecting assets while building wealth. 

Whether you're an individual, business or a professional services provider,   we offer solutions that address today's financial challenges and help build a protective moat around clients' assets.

Founder & Principal of Goldwater Financial Group, Barry Goldwater,  has helped families and businesses build, protect, transfer and grow their wealth for over 25 years. He specializes in working with individuals who are seeking state-of-the-art strategies for wealth transfer and tax deductible options. Working closely with tax and legal specialists, he continuously succeeds in integrating effective insurance planning into comprehensive asset management plans.